Our mission is to provide agencies and brands with: the tools, technology solutions, services, and local support; to allow them to be successful with their digital marketing in Africa.

THE tools

Box Digital has exclusive partnerships with cutting edge global technology companies, to offer their solutions to African clients, all supported and serviced locally. Box Digital is the official Sizmek by Amazon reseller in the Sub-Saharan Africa region. A combination of cutting edge technology, and local support, has made us the first choice for many successful campaigns. Available on a self service and managed service basis.


Some highlights from the Sizmek by Amazon product suite include:

Adserving with Sizmek Advertising Suite

In an increasingly complex digital landscape, are you getting the most out of your campaigns? Sizmek has a momentous plan in place to make sure you do, starting with the most exciting advancement in campaign management technology ever: Sizmek Advertising Suite.

Built completely new from the first keystroke on up, Sizmek Advertising Suite offers you leading-edge data and analytics capabilities as well as smarter, more efficient workflow, creative authoring, ad serving, and targeting. Your result: Better strategy, deeper insights, incredible optimization.

With Sizmek Advertising Suite, your customers experience impressions that inspire across display, video, audio, and mobile, guaranteeing that your campaigns succeed more than they ever have before.

Navigate the road from data to insights with ease—and gain stunning new performance capabilities

Sizmek Advertising Suite’s analytics platform helps ensure that every impression in every campaign delivers the data to reach the insights you need for advertisers and campaigns of all sizes. Let’s take big global advertisers. Many of their markets rely on data to be localized. With Sizmek Advertising Suite, reporting can now be customized to match up with local conditions, such as time zones and currency for ROI and cost data.

Sizmek Advertising Suite gets your data to you fast. Now you can access on-the-fly reporting, which is especially useful for shorter campaigns like one-day homepage takeovers. Data in Sizmek Advertising Suite is also refreshed hourly, available four hours after ad delivery.

Because Sizmek has always believed in an open platform philosophy, we’ve made data access even easier in Sizmek Advertising Suite by introducing an expanded reporting API, allowing agencies and partners to pull in just about any report for integration with their downstream systems, such as data warehouses, DSPs, attribution systems, and dashboarding tools.

Supercharge Your Creative’s Impact With Targeted Advertising That’s as Unique as Your Customers

Sizmek Dynamic Creative lets you achieve extraordinary personalization and optimum performance—all at scale. United by a streamlined workflow within the Sizmek platform, Dynamic Creative offers powerful tools for ad authoring, creative content management, data activation, audience targeting, optimization, testing, and analysis. Use Sizmek DCO to reach more customers with the creative that’s right for them. With Sizmek Dynamic Creative, you can integrate several sources of data (i.e., geo, media, and more) to customize your creative for each of your target audience segments.

Target creative so it is relevant to the consumer’s country, state/region, city or ISP retargeting. You can also change your message based on a user’s previous browsing history and/or exposure to and interaction with previously delivered ads.

Advanced retargeting
Create sophisticated, scalable, product-level retargeting segments based on dynamic values passed from the advertiser’s site.

Media targeting
Target based on a premium or programmatic media buy, placements, or keyword terms provided by the publisher or DSP.

Contextual targeting
Use context via the content category of the webpage as determined by Peer39’s semantic content analysis to gain relevancy.

Reasons to Use Sizmek Dynamic Creative

Be relevant in the moment
Sizmek Dynamic Creative provides fresh, timely, and relevant ads for display campaigns of any size.

Personalize across all channels
Take advantage of Dynamic Creative that works across desktop, mobile, and video – and the economies of scale that this omnichannel solution offers.

Balance automation and control: Exercise fine control over dynamic element combinations and targeting rules, and automate elements, such as with data from external sources or logic-based rule sets.

Integrate data dynamically
Integrate and leverage your own data from any source, whether that be your DMP, your product inventory API, a simple CSV file, or another source.

Go mobile
Take advantage of mobile opportunities with precise geolocation and mobile-specific creative.

Gain actionable insights
Use Sizmek’s powerful data and insights to understand fully your creative performance and your audiences.

Optimize automatically
Use Sizmek’s creative optimization engine to determine the creative that’s right on target, every time.

Design with flexibility
Use a flexible template or build your own using our custom authoring tool. Sizmek lets you serve customized advertising with the look and feel of your choosing—all with the click of a button.

Global service and support
Trust a local team of inmarket experts to help strategize, design, implement, and launch your dynamic creative campaign. You’re in good hands—Sizmek has run dynamic creative campaigns in all major markets around the world.

Sophisticated tagging without the hassle - dynamic tag management at your service

You need actionable data from your brand websites to enhance and confirm your digital campaign performance. A lack of integrated tagging leaves you without valuable insights from your paid, owned, and earned media and creates missed opportunities for powerful brand engagement. Unfortunately, conventional tagging creates an overload of marketing code that’s time-consuming to implement and exhausting to maintain.

Sizmek Tag Manager is the answer—a multipurpose, single-tag tracking solution that frees you so you can take advantage of advanced creative retargeting or configure conversion activities and third-party tags without constant support from your webmaster. Best of all, it’s completely managed within Sizmek Ad Suite, so you can create or modify activity rules to accommodate any strategy on the fly—no code changes to your site required.

Sizmek Tag Manager: Insights and activation with ease

Understand campaign performance—and your consumers: Capture and measure multiple conversions and conversion details to optimize your campaigns and support future audience segmentation strategies.

Prepare for personalized creative ads at scale: Easily track and collect on-site user activity to support dynamic creative campaign strategies that improve performance.

Smooth and effortless deployment: Drop a single block of code onto your website—and your webmaster will thank you. No need to make any code changes to capture URL query string or javascript variables. Everything is controlled within Sizmek Ad Suite. For added peace of mind, a browser plugin will help you test your tag rules and configuration.

With Ad Builder, you can make impressions that inspire

Sizmek Ad Builder for HTML5 is the web-based authoring tool that allows you to quickly and easily create beautiful, engaging HTML5 ads and interactive videos without coding. Use Ad Builder’s robust toolbox of templates, formats, animation controls, and event handling features to produce complex interactions and animation in no time.

Timeline controls allow you to orchestrate synchronized and sequential animation, and because Ad Builder is integrated directly into the Sizmek Ad Suite, events and interactions are all automatically tracked. Plus, Ad Builder’s responsive options, and preview and QA tools ensure your ads always render the way they should.

With a single Sizmek log-in, Ad Builder lets you develop HTML5 rich media creative using the same platform where you manage, analyze, and optimize your online campaigns.

Ad Builder’s dashboard makes it easy for all users to create HTML5 ads

With Sizmek Ad Builder for HTML5, you don’t have to be a developer or a designer to build ads expertly. With Ad Builder, you can:

Tailor ads to any vertical: Entertainment clients benefit from components that allow them to embed social widgets, video galleries for trailers, YouTube, Dailymotion and autoplay video. CPG clients can leverage large formats like Billboards and Full Screen Expandables to support new product launches. Retailers will love the Store Locator and the ability to overlay video with cued overlays showcasing featured products.

Work quickly and efficiently: Dig into your Sizmek creative asset library to repurpose creative assets from other ads. Collaborate with ease. Start an ad, save, share with others as a template, and finish later.

Author ads for any screen: Ad Builder for HTML5 eliminates the need for a mobile-only rich media vendor. Your HTML5 ads will deliver consistent ad experiences across desktop, tablets, and smartphones.

Embed custom code for even more options: You don’t need to know HTML5, CSS, or JavaScript to use Ad Builder, but you can embed custom code to tailor ads even further.

Power your business intelligence with multichannel, event-level data

Agencies and advertisers have spent considerable time, effort, and investment dollars building out propietary platforms and data models for optimizing media and creative strategies to deliver more successful campaigns that inspire and engage their audience. But aggregated data can only take them so far—and new restrictions on accessing user-level IDs or merging data sets across ad servers, DSPs, DMPs, SEMs, and even verification providers create substantal barriers to having a complete, unbiased picture.

Agencies and advertisers not only need access to their data, but they need access to it on their own terms—in the systems they choose, using the tools they see fit to best differentiate themselves from their competitors, and deliver better results.

OUR Services

Creative Design and Building

Our team of front-end developers can help you build any type of high impact ad format, from dynamic (DCO) creatives to interactive Rich media banners.

Trafficking and Campaign Management

Our highly skilled team is able to assist with trafficking, campaign management and tagging across an array of adservers and DSPs.

Media Buying

Our focus and success with programmatic buying has been the combination creative and media, leading to a data driven approach that results in the DSP finding the most relevant person to show an ad, and the adserver choosing and displaying the most suitable creative. All of this leads to a better ROI of increased leads at a lower cost.

SUPPORT Contact us

Whether you have a question about our services, need support, need guidance to maximize your results, would like to join us, or you are in one of the cities we operate and just want a chat, let’s us know at info@boxdigital.co.za how we can help and we’ll contact you shortly.